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Speech of the Minister

Working together to upgrade the economy and reform the governmental administrative system.
The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MPMAR) has been entitled with many tasks, but in the coming period, I will focus on three fields related to Egypt's vision for sustainable development: 2030, which is a document of the Egyptians, not a document of Ministry or Government.

Dr. Hala Helmy El Said

Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform

Strategies & Plans

Modern administrative apparatus and effective civil service, developing modern plans, policies, laws and administrative structures, modifying incentive systems, upgrading and developing wage structures, codifying and adjusting their schedules, improving work environment and developing human resources skills through continuous training.

Egypt Vision 2030

Achieving sustainable development rates resulting from a modern and developed economy that responds to local and regional changes and based on policies and plans that achieve social justice and balanced growth, reforming the administrative system to become more efficient and able to provide distinguished government services that raise the satisfaction of citizens in partnership with the private sector and civil society

Entities under the Ministry or under its supervision