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Administrative Reform

Developing the Administrative Apparatus of the State to redefine the role of the government and its transformation from a policy performer to a policymaker and Auditor taking into account the State's orientation towards decentralization while improving the provision of basic services to citizens, resulting raise the standard of living.

The vision of the Administrative Development Sector

By 2030 there will be an effective and efficient Administrative Apparatus that will improve the management of the State's resources, and that is also transparent, fair, flexible and accountable to obtain satisfaction, interaction and response of the citizen.

Mission of the Administrative Development Sector

Reforming the Administrative Apparatus of the State to be at the precedence of reconstruction of the Egyptian State, through its development and upgrading in a sustainable manner to be able to implement development plans, to serve citizens and to enhance their trust in the Administrative Apparatus on the basis of transparency, integrity, efficiency, rule of law, responsibility and accountability.

Key objectives

  • An Administrative Apparatus that is efficient, effective and adaptive with local and international variables.
  • Providing high-quality services that apply modern methods.
  • A system that is transparent, interact and responsive to the citizen, responsive to the citizen's demands and subject to community accountability.

Administrative Reform Sector Programs