National Monitoring and Evaluation System (NMES)

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National Monitoring and Evaluation System (NMES)

An effective electronic system for measuring government performance

Since MPMAR believes that “what cannot be measured, cannot be managed, and hence cannot be monitored” therefore, and within Egypt’s Vision 2030 that envisages developing the system of planning and monitoring, MPMAR has designed the national system for monitoring and evaluation, which is an electronic system based on approach of the program and performance plan and includes unified and binding models, methodologies and tools for all government agencies, aims at improving performance of the Governmental Apparatus and ensuring progress in implementation of the ambitious objectives of the State.

The system also aims to monitor the level of achievement realized in implementing of the government program (2018/ 2019 - 2021/ 2022) and the resulting annual sustainable development plans, and benefits in the performance of the government on a quarterly basis.

In order to ensure the quality of the outputs of the monitor system, MPMAR reviews the performance reports submitted by all parties and organizes workshops to discuss each performance indicator on a quarterly basis before entering data on the performance system.

The system is considered the first effective electronic tool designed to monitor and evaluate government performance. The system includes detailed operational plans of action for all State agencies through KPIs that measure the developmental impact, competitiveness and sustainable development distributed over the four years of the government program. The system is similarly relevant to its current form and planning establishment with the system in UAE and KSA. MPMAR aims such system to be an effective tool in identifying and analyzing risks and difficulties countered by the government agencies in achieving their objectives, in discovering defects in performance to be rectified urgently, in finding the suitable solutions for these difficulties, and in spreading a culture of strategic planning, performance-based monitoring and capacity-building in this area.