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Achieving an efficient Administrative Apparatus capable of conducting effective planning and rational management of the State resources, and continuous follow-up to implement the national programs and projects, as well as providing outstanding government services that enhance the satisfaction of citizens and investors on the basis of transparency, integrity, efficiency, rule of law, responsibility and accountability, that ensures reaching the sustainable economic development and social justice and promotes Egypt to be an attracting country for international, regional and national investments.


Promoting the Egyptian economy and achieving economic growth rates commensurate with the available resources and raise the standard of living of the citizens, along with the development of the State’s Administrative Apparatus, through a clear developmental vision for the future that fulfil the community’s satisfaction, and lead to effective implementation development plans and improve the lives of citizens.

Overall Objective

Prepare the economic environment and the administrative apparatus of the State to be integrated into the global system, to keep match with progress, to restore citizens' trust in the public services provided to them, to increase the efficiency of government investments and to develop means of achieving the social justice parallel to the economic development with full coordination between all ministries and partner authorities.


  • Coordinate between production and service plans of the ministries at the national and regional levels and unify the concepts between the national programs.
  • Formulation of public policies, plans, and programs entitled to activate and develop the performance of government services.
  • Develop an integrated framework for field and ongoing follow-up for the plan’s projects to identify the pros and cons that might face the implementation of projects and find practical solutions to these challenges.
  • Develop the necessary frameworks for the participation of the private sector and civil society to achieve the public policies of the State, to implement its programs and projects at the national and regional levels and to provide government services, leading to creating new jobs through expansion of the deployment of service providers.